PPC Part 1: Why Pay Per Click Search Marketing

PPC Part 1: Why Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Pay per click search marketing is ¬†huge potential traffic driver if you know how to harness it. Let’s look to some of the benefits and draw backs.

Let’s talk about some benefits

Adaptive Pricing
One major benefit of PPC is that you can adapt the campaign to any budget level and it is relatively easy to set up. If you have a small budget you should be extra selective when choosing your keywords. You will want to select a few keyword groups that will allow you to reach a really targeted and qualified set of visitors. If you have a little bigger budget you can explore some broader keyword phrases and employ a bit of branding/recognition work as well. The point here is whether you have $100 dollars a month or $100,000 you can utilize this valuable traffic channel.

Adaptive Strategies
Another huge benefit of this channel is that you can almost instantly see how it is preforming for you. It is not like traditional media where you pay an insane amount of money for a full page ad and hope it works. There is no need to waste precious marketing dollars waiting to see if you have results. Within a couple days you can see how the ad is performing and access if it needs to be changed or if that ad group should be removed from the strategy. There are a lot of moving parts in a PPC which means there are a lot of variables that could be effecting the ads performance. The beauty is you can cycle through most of these variables and make a decision pretty quickly. Not to mention there are plenty of keywords out there so it isn’t too hard to find a few groups that work for you and focus your dollars there.

Let’s talk draw backs

Time, Time, Time
Similarly to SEO, PPC takes a lot of time to create and manage. Or I should said, it takes a consistent amount of time. It is not a set it and forget marketing strategy by any means. If you do not have a solid chunk of hours to dedicate to your campaign every week I highly recommend that you reach out to an agency that can run it for you. You will pay a little more for the management fee but the right company will make your money go further through their knowledge and ability to constantly monitor your campaign. We will talk a little more about what to look for when selecting a company in the next post.

It’s Big and Scary
Well it isn’t really but to a destination that is just getting ready to dip their toes in it is. You need to be prepared to take it one step at a time. There are a lot of moving parts to PPC and if you let that overwhelm you it will be hard for you to be successful. Don’t let the vastness of the possibilities detour you from getting started. Start small with what you know and as you learn grow your efforts.

Let’s talk about getting started with PPC in Part 2.