Part 4: Being a Steward to your SEO

Part 4: Being a Steward to your SEO

You have your SEO strategy, you have optimized your pages, you are seeing improvements in your search traffic. Now your done right? WRONG! This is were many SEO strategies begin to unravel. You got pumped up on SEO at a conference, worked like a mad banshee to get your site up to date with the latest in SEO, and then you run out of steam. SEO falls to the back burner and all that work you did starts to become less and less valuable because you haven’t continued your efforts.

Here I am implore you! Please take up the SEO flag and wave it enthusiastically at the front of your marketing strategy pack and lead everyone to follow your manic SEO ways!

But in all seriousness, let’s talk about how you can keep the fire and enthusiasm burning for your SEO strategy.

Set a SEO Reminder
Maybe it is a calendar reminder to review your SEO every quarter. Maybe a post-it on your desk that just says SEO in huge letters. Maybe tattoo “SEO is the best” on your forehead, backward, so you see every time you look in the mirror (I realize this may be asking a little too much). Whatever it may be, you need something to keep pushing SEO to the front of your mind and keep your thoughts on how SEO can and should be a defining part of your marketing strategy.

Content Calendars
Remember when we talked about mapping your marketing plan to your content strategies and using SEO to determine where you might need to grow your content? Add an SEO column/space to your content calendar to remind you what content is an SEO priority and to incorporate your SEO research into all your content – online and off! This plays directly into consistent messaging as well. (Plus, an SEO marker on your content calendar will help with the reminder task, since I am not so sure about the tattoo suggestion.)

Keep up with Keyword Research
Just because a keyword was a good fit when you started, doesn’t mean it is forever and ever a good fit for you. Algorithms update, search patterns change, people change. Notice that a keyword is yielding little to no traffic? Time to evaluate it. Is that phrase no longer relevant? Do you need more content? Do you need to change the phrasing? I would suggest taking a good look at your keywords every quarter and make adjustments to your goals.

Add/Delete from your Marketing Strategy
Don’t be afraid to say “Look team, we have been pushing XYZ. But XYZ has no notable search traffic and our XYZ pages don’t hold the interest of our users. Something has to change.” All to often we get in our own minds what we are and what we should be marketing and we forget we have a massive amount of data at our fingertips to help us decide if we are moving in the right direction. SEO is a great tool to force you to evaluate your efforts. You love XYZ, you want XYZ to be seen by everyone on the planet but you can’t for the life of you find the data to support that people love it as much as you do. Meanwhile, maybe ABC is right there, waiting to be discovered. A little marketing gold mine, that will open up a whole new path. Give it a try!

Adjust your site structure
We diligently work to create this beautiful structure for our data, a structure we know like the back of our hand, and we just sure that everyone will easily find our most important content. However, over structuring our data can sometimes have a negative effect on user’s behavior. I am a prime example of someone with techie A.D.D. if it takes me for that 2 or 3 clicks to find what I am looking for, I am gone. I assume if it is taking me that long to find what I need that it isn’t there, or even worse, there is someone out there who is going to give me what I want faster. Use your SEO data on CTR, bounce and engagement to start thinking outside the box about how the data in your website is structured. While you might think A to B to C to D to E is every logical and easy to find, think of me, techie A.D.D. lady that wants A to E. DONE.

Constant Vigilance
(I couldn’t resist a Harry Potter reference) But it is so true! You must always be on the look out for what might come around the corner and try and take down your SEO strategy. Be it the naysayers, the crazy SEO guy who has promised your director they can get you a number rank on Google (whatever that is supposed to mean), a poorly performing strategy, or the million other activities that take your attention away from SEO and allow it to drop back into the abyss. You must have faith in the in SEO as a core marketing strategy and keep working toward your goals. You can do it! I have faith in you!

Now – go forth – and spread the SEO love! When it seems too daunting, call me, I will talk you off the ledge.

SEO. Always.

Happy Strategizing!