Digital Asset Management

“How do I size this photo?” “I have to pay for another piece of software to get my images ready for the web?” “Where did I store that photo this time?” “Are we working off the latest copy of this file?””I wish asset management systems were so expensive, they are just out of our budget range”

These were common phrases we heard from our clients that prompted us to develop Drozian DAM. What started as just a way to easily edit photos online quickly morphed into a complete asset management tool. As with everything Drozian, we bring a clean, simple, affordable and quick process to asset management that let’s you spend less time managing and more time marketing.

Key Features

  • Organize and all your digital assets in one central location
  • Crop and save multiple sizes/dimensions within a single photo record
  • Distribution of assets to internal and external sources
  • User Authorization & Rights Management
  • Easy Search and Tagging
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Assets on the go