Account Management

With Drozian CRM you can manage everything about your accounts in one easy place. Our streamlined system makes it quick and painless to keep your account data current. As with our CMS we meld our CRM to your business needs, rather than forcing you to make your processes fit into our system.  Key features include:

  1. Member Update – Each of your members can log in and update their own information with a check in place that allows you to approve changes before they are posted to the website.
  2. Membership Levels – You can specific any number of membership levels. We can use these levels to dictate how members will be displayed and promoted on the front end of the site.
  3. Lead Management – Track your leads as you move them through the sales process.
  4. Invoicing – Generate and send invoice.
  5. Ad Management – Manage ad placements on the site as another revenue stream.

Let’s talk about your data goals and how our streamlined system can give you more time to devote to marketing.